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15th November
Ele Fountain The Deanery
  Tom Palmer (PM) Dorcan Academy
  Ash Dickinson Great Western Academy
  Anthony McGowan Highworth Warneford School
  Phil Earle Lawn Manor Academy
  Asj Dickinson Lydiard Park Academy
  Alexander Gordon Smith Nova Hreod Academy
  Ash Dickinson Ridgeway School
  Ali Sparkes St Joseph's Catholic College
  Tom Palmer (AM) Swindon Academy
16th November
Phil Earle (AM)
Ash Dickinson (PM)
Abbey Park School
  Ele Fountain Commonweal School
  Ali Sparkes The Deanery
  Anthony McGowan Dorcan Academy
  Jenny Valentine Great Western Academy
  Ash Dickinson (AM)
Tom Palmer (PM)
Highworth Warneford School
  Alexander Gordon Smith Kingsdown School
  Mark Lowery (PM) Lawn Manor Academy
  Tom Mitchell Lydiard Park Academy
  Phil Earle (PM) Nova Hreod Academy
  Tom Palmer (AM) Ridgeway School
  Mark Lowery (AM) St Joseph's Catholic College
  Ash Dickinson Swindon Academy
17th November
Onjali Q. Rauf Abbey Park School
  Onjali Q. Rauf
Ash Dickinson
Commonweal School
  Onjali Q. Rauf The Deanery
  Onjali Q. Rauf Dorcan Academy
  Onjali Q. Rauf Great Western Academy
  Onjali Q. Rauf Highworth Warneford School
  Onjali Q. Rauf Kingsdown School
  Onjali Q. Rauf Lawn Manor Academy
  Onjali Q. Rauf Lydiard Park Academy
  Onjali Q. Rauf Nova Hreod Academy
  Onjali Q. Rauf Ridgeway School
  Onjali Q. Rauf St Joseph's Catholic College
  Onjali Q. Rauf Swindon Academy
18th November
Sarah Mussi Abbey Park School
  Knife and Packer (PM) Commonweal School
  Ash Dickinson The Deanery
  Kita Mitchel (PM) Great Western Academy
  Knife and Packer (AM)
Ash Dickinson (PM)
Kingsdown School
  Kita Mitchell (AM) Lydiard Park Academy
  Ash Dickinson Nova Hreod Academy
  Julian Sayerer Ridgeway School
  Helen Dennis Swindon Academy
19th November
Book Quiz Abbey Park School
  Book Quiz Commonweal School
  Book Quiz The Deanery
  Book Quiz
Ash Dickinson
Dorcan Academy
  Book Quiz Great Western Academy
  Book Quiz Highworth Warneford School
  Book Quiz Kingsdown School
  Book Quiz
Ash Dickinson
Lawn Manor Academy
  Book Quiz Lydiard Park Academy
  Book Quiz Nova Hreod Academy
  Book Quiz Ridgeway School
  Book Quiz
Ash Dickinson
St Joseph's Catholic College
  Book Quiz Swindon Academy

For more information contact :
Kate Murphy, Co-ordinator, Swindon Youth Festival of Literature
The Dorcan Academy, St Paul's Drive, Covingham, Swindon, SN3 5DA
Tel : 01793 525231 ext 144.

Email : kmurphy@dorcan.co.uk